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Our Staff

Find the right doctor within the closest hospital across a wide range of medical fields including neurosurgery

This is the first step, filled out the form to complete a virtual pre evaluation from the doctors you select.

With Over 30 hospitals across the country with  medical directory is the right place to find your closest healthcare center

About Us
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Our Services


SurgiCoordinador & Health Tourism is the first certified medical Tourism facilitator in the Dominican Republic, led by our Executive Director Laura Rodriguez who has more than 9 years of experience in the sector.


SurgiCoordinator & Health Tourism was born on July 20, 2014 as a brand with services under the concept of Health Tourism facilitator focus on residing abroad who seeks health treatments such as reconstructive, bariatric, plastic surgery, preventive as many others procedures.


Our main roles of our company is to coordinate, guide and plan the details of your health trip.

Surgicoordinator & Health Tourism is a member of the Dominican Health Tourism Association and is endorsed by international organizations such as the International Patient Services Provider and as a Medical Tourism Specialist, as well as an active member of the World Health Tourism Association (MTA)


Consulting / Quotes

Based on our years of experience we have the right knowledge to advise you to get the best results.



For your comfort and safety we provide you with ground transportion service



We know you, and we care about you, an insurance for peace of mind is offered

Second Opinion

A second opinion is always good based on the number of  bad diagnostic that occur worldwide

Catalog of Certified Doctors 


We offer a doctor's catalog that include their  accreditations, before and after, background for your fast choice


One of the biggest challenge of traveling outside the country is the recovery process, we make it easier

Preventive Health


You can perform once a year a general check that includes hundred of test done with the best and most advanced equipments.

Medical Procedure 

We offer all kind of Medical procedure as Dental, Recontructives, plastic, orthopedic, eyes and bariatric procedure

Our Members


Years of Experience


Happy  Clients


Master Certifications


Happy Staff

Dr. Hilario Durán

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pablo Garcia

Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Jairo Ulerio

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Manuel Díaz

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cynthia Disla

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tania Medina

Plastic Surgeon


“I want to let you know that I recently used your services and this was my best choice ever, all the staff are adorable"

“loved using this service everyone was prompt and courteous..”

They're all great. I loved them all

Yonakie Smith

Edris Green

Danielle Hudson


Dr. Hilario Durán

Plastic Surgeon

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.04.54
Dr. Clime
Plastic Surgeon
Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.56.09
Dr. Marcos Soto
Plastic Surgeon
Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.57.05
Dr. Jairo Ulerio

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cynthia Disla

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tania Medina

Plastic Surgeon

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Our Address

366 Nuñez de Cáceres Ave,

Santo Domingo, DN 00000 \\ Tel: 1.347.707.1100

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  08:00AM – 18:00PM

Saturday  –  CLOSED

Sunday    CLOSED


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